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State of California Personal Income Tax

Personal income tax in California is administered by the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), which also administers California Corporation Tax.  The personal income tax brackets are indexed by the rate of inflation each year.  The 2019 tax brackets are increased from 2018 by applying the increase in the California CPI All Items from June 2018 to June 2019.

Tables of California Personal Income Tax Brackets and Tax Rates

2021 Tax Rate Tables

2020 Tax Rate Tables

2019 Tax Rate Tables

2018 Tax Rate Tables

2017 Tax Rate Tables

2016 Tax Rate Tables

2015 Tax Rate Tables

2014 Tax Rate Tables

2013 Tax Rate Tables

2012 Tax Rate Tables

2011 Tax Rate Tables

2010 Tax Rate Tables

2009 Tax Rate Tables

2008 Tax Rate Tables

California Personal Income Tax Return Forms

Forms from State of California forms website (pdf files):

2020 Estimated Tax Forms

540ES - Estimated tax for individuals

540ES form instructions

California resident income tax returns for 2019

Form 540 2EZ income tax return - fill in with math features and save, and:

    - Booklet, with links to tax tables

Form 540 and Booklet

California non-resident or part-year resident tax forms for 2019

Access the California Forms and Publications Search page and search for 540NR

California government tax resources

California Tax Service Center

Payroll Taxes - Employment Development Department (EDD)

California Tax Forms

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